TypePad Update

Until recently this blog was hosted on my own server and relied on a smattering of ASP code that I wrote. But lately I’ve been experimenting with TypePad, and it looks like I’ll be sticking with it.

Now, I’m normally the type that would always use my own solution rather than rely on someone else’s code, but I’m finding TypePad hard to beat. So far I haven’t seen any performance problems, and it’s much more customizable than I first believed. In fact, the style sheet for this blog is hosted on my own site, so it’s very easy to change the appearance (using TopStyle, of course).

7 thoughts on “TypePad Update

  1. We’re glad to have you here on TypePad too, Nick, and I’m even more pleased that it meets your standards. I’m a diehard TopStyle fan and have been advocating FeedDemon a lot since it’s been in beta, so it looks like your code’s compelling enough for me to rely on too. :)

  2. Hi Anil,
    Thanks for the compliments :) I was waffling about whether or not to switch over to TypePad, when I stumbled across the “advanced templates.” That was the clincher for me – they provide almost all the control I need.

  3. Sorry, Jacques – my ASP code isn’t in any shape for public consumption. I hacked most of it together very quickly, and it really isn’t suited for any other server.

  4. I’m with you on this one Nick. I’ve been trying to host my own blog, but TypePad makes it so darn easy I don’t know if it’s worth the hassle to install and maintain my own. I’m signed up for the free trial and will stick with it AT LEAST until MT Pro comes out and I can evaluate it.
    And great work on FeedDemon. I’ll be sticking with it – regardless of whether there is something else comparable (I seriously doubt there’s anything better. Plus I want to support you because of all the great work you’ve done on TopStyle.
    Keep it up!

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