The Google Browser

Jason Kottke ponders whether Google is developing a Mozilla-based browser. It’s obvious Google is up to something more than search, as illustrated by its recent acquisition of Picasa. Kottke believes that Google is building an operating system, and I share this belief when I think about an OS that lives on the net rather than everyone’s desktop.

Update: Steve Gillmor writes along similar lines.

6 thoughts on “The Google Browser

  1. The Google Browser/OS

    I’ve been a firm believer that Google is making an OS with a set of applications. Think of a system which ties all their properities together. Mail, Blog, Social Network, Pictures, Search, etc… Into one usable application which can be

  2. OS? Maybe. I’m sticking closer to the browser theory because the OS one for nows sounds too much of a leap.
    As I stated eariler today over at, it might not be a bad move for Google to buy or to work with Opera or Firefox.

  3. Google OS? Google Browser?

    A ler, com muita atenção. Ainda só é expeculação, mas ainda recentemente, poucos acreditavam no 1G de quota no……

  4. Google Browser

    Could there be a Google browser on the way? Some evidence is found. A lot of people are blogging about it and it could be really really cool! And I even predicted it in April this year. – Google Firefox…

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