I’m such a geek

This morning as I walked into the gym for a quick workout, I noticed an attractive young lady in a short skirt and high heels bent over in front of her laptop. I looked over at her and said to myself:

“Nice laptop.”

Man, I’m such a geek.

21 thoughts on “I’m such a geek

  1. That’s funny!
    Btw, recently Shaded asked what makes a geek – a geek? http://spaces.msn.com/members/shaded/Blog/cns!1pcUVdsqGjzbPov5sh3Flrdw!218.entry
    I told him that ‘Technolust’ is what makes a geek. [MSN Spaces has a geek who coded Comment field validation. You can enter at the max. 1024 characters! http://jdk.phpkid.org/index.php?p=1160 :)]
    P.S.: Can we put on little note on comment box saying that HTML tags will be stripped? I lost my URLs because I tried to use anchor tags.

  2. You know what the sad thing is? That you didn’t even think about the attractive girl as soon as that laptop came into view…
    A classic geek. Glad to be one too :)

  3. What? No Pictures? I cant imagine you not wipping out your camera phone to take a picture of the laptop ( and possibly girl) for memory sake and to further express the level of geek-ness :)

  4. Nick, I had a great paycheck a few months ago, and what did I lust after? A 1GB SanDisk flashdisk. I just felt that I couldn’t live without it a minute more.

  5. A true geek wouldn’t be in a gym to start with. :)
    Unless of course it’s to upgrade their pcs…

  6. Colin, yes – I’m doing fine now, thanks. I took it *very* easy for a while after my neck surgery, but now I’m back to running ~15mi a week and doing twice-a-week workouts.

  7. I have a Dell wideaspect laptop with a HD screen (1920×1200) and OMG is it sexy so I can totally understand why you liked it :)

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