5 thoughts on “FeedDemon 1.0 Beta 3a

  1. FeedDemon beta3a

    For all of your RSS needs, keep an eye on Feed Demon — Nick released Beta 3a, and I’m using it for my primary newsreader because it already is so wonderful! :) (Oh, and this post is also to mention

  2. Just grabbed Beta3a – first glimpse of FeedDemon I’ve had actually, and wow, I’m liking it! I haven’t been able to commit to a newsreader yet, but if I do, this may just be the one. Any plans to offer embedded browser choice down the road?

  3. I <3 FeedDemon

    I love my aggregator! All my favorite weblogs in one spot! I still go to the actual site, I admit, but I cut my time in half not having to surf to people that haven’t updated. Check out the screenshot

  4. I’d like to offer a choice between IE and Mozilla inside FeedDemon, but past experience with TopStyle has unfortunately shown that Mozilla is too much of a support burden. There have been countless times when a new Mozilla build breaks TopStyle’s Mozilla support, causing a flood of email asking me how to fix the problem.
    For TopStyle, I can accept the support costs since it’s extremely important for web authors to check their work in multiple browsers. But for FeedDemon, quite frankly it just doesn’t make sense for me to add support for Mozilla knowing that it’s going to cause me problems down the road.

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