Localizing FeedDemon

One of my goals with FeedDemon was to enable it to be localized quite easily. Rather than use separate resource DLLs (or separate executables) for each language, I chose to store all displayed text in language-specific XML files. If you open FeedDemon’s “Data\Lang” folder, you’ll notice a subfolder named “English” which holds three XML files containing all of FeedDemon’s English language strings.

Localizing FeedDemon, then, becomes a matter of translating these three files into the target language and then placing them in a separate folder under Data\Lang. A few people have already translated these files into other languages. This is great to see, although I should add that any translations done right now are specific to the current FeedDemon beta are probably won’t work with the final release.

3 thoughts on “Localizing FeedDemon

  1. FeedDemon auf deutsch – Wer macht mit?

    Nick Bradbury: Localizing FeedDemon Wer hat den Lust den FeedDemon mit auf deutsch zu übersetzen? Ich hab schonmal angefangen und hab die const.xml und die dialogs.xml versucht zu übersetzen. Es fehlt noch die forms.xml (und das ist natürlich auch der…

  2. Does this mean we can make it *real* English instead of American? Hence I can localise FeedDemon instead of “localizing” it.

  3. You can edit the language to be whatever you like. Just copy the three XML files in FeedDemon’s \Data\lang\English folder to a separate folder (“Queen’s English,” perhaps?) and then edit these files there as you see fit.

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