FeedDemon’s Graphics

Several people have complimented me on the graphics in the latest FeedDemon beta, but I can’t take the credit for them.

Instead, the credit goes to Cory Stann of glyFX, who also designed all the graphics for TopStyle. I’d like to publicly thank Cory and glyFX for their excellent work, since their fine graphic design skills have added a lot to my software.

6 thoughts on “FeedDemon’s Graphics

  1. Indeed, the graphics are superb.
    I just downloaded Beta 4, and I notice that the graphic above references Beta 4a. Is there a fix version coming soon to Beta 4?
    Thanks for the great work, Nick.
    David Swinney

  2. yeah, I like the graphics for FD too, particularly the logo.
    Maybe I missed this conversation, but have you decided on a price for FD yet?

  3. Jeff,
    From what people in the Newsgroup have been saying about prices, I am guessing I missed it too.
    *If* they are correct, it should be somewhere around $30 but Nick will give a more definative price.

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