AOL Journals Launched

AOL has launched AOL Journals, their long-awaited blogging service. Now every AOL user can create a blog, complete with an RSS 2.0 feed. I created a test journal, and although what they offer is no match for TypePad, it was fairly easy to get started. More details are available here.

If you’d like to see an example you can take a look at my journal, but keep in mind that I only created it to see what they offer – in other words, I won’t be updating it.

Update: I just discovered that the latest FeedDemon beta has trouble with AOL Journal RSS feeds due to multiple HTTP redirects. A fix for this problem will be posted soon.

One thought on “AOL Journals Launched

  1. Blogging in the News

    You have been warned. AOL has launched AOL Journals. Meanwhile Yahoo is on the hunt for a Blog hosting company. And not exactly blogging, but it is a RSS. Yahoo now offers RSS feeds….

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