Site Redesign

The original design of my site was based around the fact that I had a single product – TopStyle – but now that I have another program underway, that design no longer works.

So, I’ve redesigned, and in the process I’ve cleared away a bewildering amount of cruft that has built up over the years.

Now, I won’t win any design awards with this – it’s not exactly CSS Zen Garden – but I was aiming for simplicity. I still have some work to do (integrating a site search, for example), but it’s mostly complete. If you find any problems, please let me know!

PS: Purists may recoil at my use of an HTML table rather than CSS positioning for the page header, but I wanted to make sure that the page didn’t look like a ransom note to Netscape 4 users (both of them).

9 thoughts on “Site Redesign

  1. Nice and clean.
    The design would look a little better in Opera, if the default 8px padding that Opera has on the BODY element was removed by the style sheet.

  2. LOL, the developer of TopStyle feels CSS/design-challenged! You go boy! The new site looks great. And I’m lovin’ FeedDemon. It’s ability to read RSS 2.0 with CDATA/HTML is just dang perfect. I’m feeding RSS 2.0 from here. Damn the torpedoes!

  3. You said: “my use of an HTLML table”
    whew, glad you are using that HTLML table instead of an HTML table… ;-)

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