That ringing in my head

It’s a good thing I don’t use the phone very much, because today I wouldn’t be able to hear what anyone was saying. I went to see Kiss and Aerosmith in concert – two bands I haven’t listened to since I was a teenager growing up in “Wayne’s World” – and the pyrotechnics from the Kiss show are still ringing in my head (I was in the fourth row).

I was lucky enough to get backstage passes, and got to meet Kiss’s latest guitarist Tommy Thayer – a nice guy, as it turns out. About five minutes later I got separated from my friends because Gene Simmons – in full costume – suddenly walked between us.

My moment of glory, though, was when Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler singled me out during their show. I was standing next to a rather large friend (6’5″, about 295 pounds), so I had my arms folded because there wasn’t much space. Steven Tyler apparently didn’t like this, so he pointed to me and said, “Why the f— do you have your arms folded?!?” I made sure to put my hands in the air for the next song.

For the record, Kiss put on a good show, but Aerosmith stole the night.