CPU Magazine: FeedDemon to Change the World

I was pleased to see the FeedDemon beta reviewed in CPU Magazine – and I was floored when I read what they had to say! Here’s a quote:

“I recall when I saw Cello and Netscape in beta forms back in the Windows 3.1 days. I thought, ‘These programs are going to change the world.’ Looking at FeedDemon, I get the same feeling.”

And another one:

“If RSS feeds can change the Internet, FeedDemon is probably the program that will do it.”

And finally:

“[Nick Bradbury’s] is cleary the voice of experience, and his experience shows every time you use FeedDemon.”

That is perhaps the best published review of FeedDemon I’ve seen, and I’m even more flattered to consider that they reviewed beta 2a rather than the latest one. The reviewer’s name wasn’t listed, so whoever you are, thank you :)

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