Localizing FeedDemon RC1

In order to make localization easier, FeedDemon stores its text in external XML files within FeedDemon’s \Data\Lang subfolder. Localizing FeedDemon involves translating three XML files (const.xml, dialogs.xml and forms.xml), and then creating a new subfolder with the name of the language, as shown in the screenshot below:

Shortly after FeedDemon 1.0 RC1 was released, several people created localized versions of FeedDemon’s language files, and I’m very thankful for their work. So far, the following translations are available:

  • German translation by Stefan Walter
  • Japanese translation by Hiroshi Okugawa
  • Polish translation by Jakub Kazecki
  • Chinese translations by Jedi

If other localized versions are already available – or are in the works – please let me know by posting a comment in the feeddemon.beta newsgroup.

6 thoughts on “Localizing FeedDemon RC1

  1. I think your software is great, How much time do you use to make something like FeedDemon?

  2. The FeedDemon pre-release is free, but the final release will not be free. The price hasn’t been determined yet, but most likely the introductory price will be around US$29.95. FWIW, I’ve had some surprisingly nasty email from people who are aghast that I’m actually charging for it, yet I doubt these same people would work all day for free when they have a family to care for.
    Right now TopStyle is only available in English, but I hope to add the same localization code I use in FeedDemon to the next major release of TopStyle, so most likely future versions of TopStyle will be available in several languages.
    It’s really difficult to say how much time it takes to write FeedDemon, since the majority of my time is spent doing support. A large chunk of FeedDemon was actually written during a long weekend, but it has taken a few months of user feedback to refine it to what you see now.

  3. Disponible FeedDemon 1.0 Release Candidate 2

    Nick Bradbury ha anunciado ya FeedDemon 1.0 RC 2, la segunda beta de la versión 1.0 de su potente lector RSS, del que ya hablé el pasado martes. Puede conocer los añadidos, modificaciones y correcciones consultando las notas del estreno

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