FeedDemon RC2 Localizations

My thanks to everyone who took the time to create localized language files for FeedDemon 1.0 RC2:

If you download a ZIP file from any of the above links, they should be unzipped into a subfolder of FeedDemon’s Data\Lang folder. To change the language used by FeedDemon, simply go to the first page in FeedDemon’s options (F8) and choose the desired user interface language.

Note:I’ve enabled comments for this post so that others can point out additional translations, but please don’t use the comments for bug reports or other FeedDemon-related questions. Questions about FeedDemon should be posted in the FeedDemon beta newsgroup instead.

18 thoughts on “FeedDemon RC2 Localizations

  1. Hello,
    Great to see FeedDemon getting better and better!
    I am working on a French and an Italian translation, should be ready by the end of the week (hopefully). I’ll keep you posted.

  2. I believe a couple of folks are working on Dutch translations, but I’m not aware of any that are ready for RC2.
    French and Italian translations would be great – thanks!

  3. I’m working on italian version.
    It should be done soon if I can solve the encoding problem
    once and for all…

  4. I’ve finisched the italian translation.
    You can download it here:
    As Kim Bélanger wrote:
    “I probably made a few mistakes, and i will revise it,
    probably tomorrow.
    In the mean time, if someone is able to revise it and give me some feedback
    it will be appreciated a lot.”

  5. FD 1.0 RC2 French translation completed – for revision
    I’m posting the link for French translation files.
    I’ve already posted these on the Beta newsgroup.
    Here’s the link to the zipped files:
    I probably made a few mistakes, and i will revise it when fully rested,
    probably late tomorrow.
    In the mean time, if someone is able to revise it and give me some feedback
    it will be appreciated a lot.
    I did the translation in french, but since a lot of local variations exists,
    like in all languages, i tried to respect an “international” idea of french.
    — Alain Berguerand is revising the translation.
    — I’ll post updates whenever available.

  6. FeedDaemon 1.0 RC2

    Lange habe ich die täglichen Blogs mit SharpReader gelesen. Doch jetzt habe ich FeedDaemon entdeckt. Browser (auch wenns “nur” IE ist) ist integriert und die Benutzeroberfläche ist viel übersichtlicher und die Übersicht…

  7. Your blog is hard to comment on! ;-)(Just a heads up, as referred by Glenn)
    I have written a hack for WordPress which does lets a user post from FeedDemon into WordPress or b2/Cafelog. Here is the link to the entry: http://dinki.mine.nu/word/index.php?p=20&more=1&c=1
    I didnt know how else to get into touch with you, so please excuse the cross posting.

  8. What kind of license will FeedDemon have? Will it be commercial software? Shareware?

  9. FeedDemon 1.0 RC2 ahora en español y gallego

    Lo prometido es deuda… y, tal como prometí ayer, he realizado las traducciones de FeedDemon al español [ZIP/16 kb] y al gallego [ZIP/16 kb], como anuncia Nick en su weblog. El proceso a seguir para la instalación es el siguiente:

  10. Sergio, Nick has stated that FeedDemon is to be released as commercial software. I’m sure we’ll hear about a firm price soon since FD has entered Release Candidate mode.

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