New FeedDemon newsgroups

I’ve just added two new FeedDemon newsgroups to the news server:

The feeddemon.user.feeds newsgroup is where FeedDemon users can recommend RSS feeds to each other, and feeddemon.user.styles is where FeedDemon users can share their custom newspaper styles.

Note that while I will read every message posted to these groups, they aren’t intended for FeedDemon technical support. Once FeedDemon has been released, a separate tech support group will be created.

PS: Depending on your newsreader, you may have to reset your list of newsgroups for the new groups to appear.

2 thoughts on “New FeedDemon newsgroups

  1. Disponible FeedDemon 1.0 Release Candidate 3, ya en español y gallego

    Nick Bradbury acaba de publicar FeedDemon 1.0 RC3, que incluye ya por defecto las traducciones al español y al gallego realizadas por mi, haciendo posible la instalación directa en cualquiera de los dos idiomas sin necesidad de descargar e instalar

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