Using Mozilla in TopStyle – a fix!

I recently blogged about the support problems I’ve had with TopStyle’s Mozilla integration, so I’m very happy to see that Adam Locke has addressed these problems by providing a separate installer for the Mozilla ActiveX Control.

This installer takes care of registering the Mozilla ActiveX Control, which should resolve many of the problems my customers have reported regarding using Mozilla inside TopStyle. If you’re using TopStyle and have trouble using Mozilla inside it, I strongly recommend trying this installer. To avoid overloading Adam’s server, I’ve uploaded it to the following location on my site: (4.86MB)

Note that this is a stand-alone install based on Mozilla 1.5, and it’s separate from any existing copy of Mozilla/Firebird.

5 thoughts on “Using Mozilla in TopStyle – a fix!

  1. Worked perfectly Nick, I can once again (with ease) preview using the Mozilla engine from TopStyle.
    Thanks Adam Locke!
    Nick, does this mean we can expect the option to use Mozilla inside FeedDemon after v.1?

  2. topstyle and moz

    Using Mozilla in TopStyle – a fix! — Nick has a link to download a standalone Mozilla ActiveX Control, which…

  3. I’ve been using Firebird. I just installed the new control and it worked. This is so great! Thank you for letting us know about it.

  4. The installer works with Firebird 0.7 (standard installation) as well. Good stuff…!

  5. Traffic and congrats

    I’ve just installed the new Mozilla ActiveX Control using the installer and I am finally able to view my pages in TopStyle using the Mozilla Preview. I’m so glad they finally fixed this issue. We’re back from Texas, obviously. Thanks…

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