SXSW: Blogging for Business

Being a homebody, I rarely attend conferences. But this year’s SXSW Interactive Festival is enough to get me out of the house. With panels by well-known web luminaries such as Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer and Douglas Bowman, SXSW promises to be a very informative event.

Oh, and I’m also going because I’ll be among the panelists on the “Blogging for Business” session :) I think the last time I appeared in front of a large crowd was when I was born, and I’m hoping this will be slightly less traumatic for me.

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  1. Blogs for Busines

    For a while blogs were the world of the younger generation. Websites for grown-ups involved in depth articles. However as our attention spans get shorter, a quick read is certainly welcomed. In addition, we frequently don’t want to wait for a maj…

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