Snakes, Sharks and Unexpected Associations

I love how the Web is full of unexpected associations that end up exposing me to new things.

After reading Don Box’s post about Frank Zappa’s “Baby Snakes” DVD, I immediately bought a copy on I’d seen Baby Snakes years ago, and although I wasn’t wild about most of the music on it (I usually love Zappa, but there’s too much of his “gotta pay the bills with cheap laughs” lyrics here), I remember being completely blown away by Bruce Bickford’s stunning animation.

A couple of days later the DVD arrived, and once again I was amazed by Bickford’s mind-boggling work. I Googled for more about Bickford, and discovered that a documentary about him will premiere soon. Reading on, I noticed that the documentary’s musical score was created by Shark Quest, a group I’d never heard of.

I figured any group that could write the score for a film about Bruce Bickford would be worth listening to, so back to I went. A minute later I ordered a Shark Quest CD, which I’m listening to right now – and I think it’s great.

So, thanks Don, for introducing me to some new music :)