Blogger, Atom and FeedDemon

Now that Blogger has announced its support for Atom, FeedDemon users may be wondering when it will be able to read these Atom feeds. So I’m happy to announce that the upcoming FeedDemon 1.10 (a free upgrade from 1.0) will include Atom support. A beta of 1.10 which includes Atom support is expected in February and will be made available to registered FeedDemon users.

As an aside, it’s curious that Blogger favors Atom over RSS given that RSS is already widely supported. Google is obviously trying to push adoption of Atom, and this move will certainly make Atom support a necessity for upcoming feed readers.

8 thoughts on “Blogger, Atom and FeedDemon

  1. Atom is much simpler than RSS. There aren’t hundreds of incompatible versions around and there is much less ambiguity with the format itself. Since Blogger caters for those new to blogging, having something more basic like Atom is probably preferable that the potentially confusing world of RSS.

  2. How will feedemon handle this exactly? The new version of Movabletype produces:
    So which file will feeddemon use to grab the feed?

  3. Matt: FeedDemon’s auto-discovery icon will show all three feeds, but the “New Channel” wizard’s auto-discovery will simply display the first feed it finds.

  4. I want some of what Neil is smokin’. :) Anyone who can look at the Atom spec and conclude that it describes something “basic” or “simpler” clearly has a good connection somewhere.

  5. In some ways Atom *is* simpler because elements are clearly defined, but I agree that the specification makes Atom look anything but simple. The same could be said for the W3C’s specs, most of which still make my eyes glaze over.

  6. Atom certainly appears more detailed, but simpler? I think that’s a matter of preference. I _do_ like the fact that Atom distinguishes between published date and updated date. What will certainly eliminate some of the guesswork by programs like FeedDemon.

  7. Your software is too expensive. For that price, you should provide FREE UPGRADES FOR LIFE.

  8. Dude, I ordering from South Africa which has a bad exchange to the dollar and FeedDemon is NOT expensive. I’ve been using the Betas for a while and also Sharpreader and RSS Bandit and in my opinion Feeddemon, although the only one you pay for, is by far the best!
    So stop whining about the price and look at what you get!

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