FeedDemon banner contest winners

Yesterday I listed the finalists in the FeedDemon banner contest, and as promised I’m ready to announce the winners.

And the winner is…well, every one of the finalists is a winner! I found it impossible to choose a single winner among the finalists in each category, since I could see myself using all of their banners. So, all three of the finalists will receive a free copy of both TopStyle Pro and FeedDemon. My thanks again to everyone who submitted a design, and my congratulations to the three winners below:

  • Olegas Kurasovas
  • Albert Tanutama
  • Christopher Owens

Now that the contest is over, I’ve created a page of FeedDemon banners and buttons:


If you’d like to use any of these images on your site, please feel free to do so :)

4 thoughts on “FeedDemon banner contest winners

  1. FeedDemon Banner Contest Winners

    Yay, I actually won something in my life! :) I never win any competitions that I enter. Now… what do I do with a free copy of TopStyle & FeedDemon?…

  2. My first post here: Whohoooo! Thanks Nick! Congrats to Olegas and Chris too! :D

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