FeedDemon and authenticated feeds

Several FeedDemon users have expressed concerns about the Microsoft security update which removes support for user names and passwords in URLs, and I’d like to alleviate those worries.

If you subscribe to any authenticated feeds, it’s not necessary to include the user name and password in the feed’s URL in order to view it in FeedDemon. This was the case with early beta versions of FeedDemon 1.0, but this was no longer necessary by the final release of 1.0.

The first time FeedDemon connects to an authenticated feed, you’ll be prompted for your user name and password. This login information is retained during the current session of FeedDemon, but as is the case with Internet Explorer, you’ll be asked to login again the next time you run FeedDemon. If you find it annoying to have to fill in your user name and password again, just select “Remember my password” and your login will be filled in automatically.