Yahoo dumps Google, adds RSS

As reported pretty much everywhere today, last night Yahoo dumped Google in favor of their own search technology for U.S.-based sites. And if you look at Yahoo’s advanced search, you’ll notice you can choose the file format to search – which enables searching only RSS feeds. Unless I’m missing it, though, there’s no way to return Yahoo’s results as RSS instead of HTML.

2 thoughts on “Yahoo dumps Google, adds RSS

  1. Yahoo and Google

    Yahoo’s decision to drop Google and opt instead for their own search technology (reported on widely yesterday; eg, Nick Bradbury), has created some interest … For one thing, it allows the user to search just RSS feeds. At Boing Boing

  2. FYI: You can easily search for RSS (or any other file type) with Google by doing the following:
    search terms filetype:ext
    Works like a charm.

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