Still kicking, but not working

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but I’ve been working hard at not working. For those that would like an update on my injury, a recent MRI shows that I have a herniated cervical disk which is pressing on a nerve root (English translation: it freaking hurts!). Early next week I visit a specialist who will either provide a steroid injection or, depending on the severity of the problem, recommend surgery.

In the past I’ve always loved the fact that I’m a “one man company,” but I’m now seeing the obvious downside – there’s no one to take up the slack when something like this happens. Typing for any length of time is next to impossible, so my inbox continues to overflow with email that would be easy for someone else to answer. Once I’m back to work again, I may look into hiring someone to help out.

As an aside, I’m bummed that this injury is preventing me from running the half marathon I’ve been training for since December. The last time I attempted a marathon I got sidelined by a running injury, so to be stopped this time by something completely unrelated to running is maddening. Maybe next year :)