Ah! Relief at last!

I’m happy to report that yesterday’s surgery was a big success. I had five large disk fragments removed from my cervical spine, and when I woke from the procedure I immediately noticed that the pain in my left arm was completely gone (ahhhh!). I won’t be doing much computer work for a week or so, but as you can see, I’m well enough the day after the surgery to move around and do some light typing.

Many thanks to all those who wished me well yesterday – I’m grateful for your kindness.

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  1. congrats Nick!! I agree with Ned, take your time with the rehab. We’ll wait.

  2. Congrats nick glad to hear it all went so well, good luck with the recovery

  3. Welcome back, Nick. We hope to hear you soon, without your daily pain and one more time thanks for all you give us.

  4. Get Well Soon Nick!

    Nick Bradbury had anterior cervical decompression and fusion surgery yesterday.rnrnI hope everything went well and that he’s on the road to recovery.rnrnUpdaternEverything went well – So get well soon Nick!

  5. Nick Bradbury’s better

    Nick Bradbury’s better: Whew, I had been reading of his computing pains with concern… am glad to hear that a medical operation seemed to correct it! 8)…

  6. So how did this happen? How did you get five large disk fragments in your cervical spine?

  7. Nick’s Better!

    Yeah! Nick is feeling better now and I’m glad that he’s on the road to recovery. Pity that he had five bits of bone removed from his neck, but it’s good that he’s better!
    Continue praying for his recovery as I’m sure his preciou…

  8. Good to hear you are better…and my FeedDemon required registration today…which I have promptly done…HTH

  9. Prayers yesterday for the Doctors, Today for your recovery.
    I have been a user a fan and user for many years. Take care of yourself, I am sure you will.

  10. Good to hear. Now get some rest… (send me those DVDs when your done :D)

  11. Great to hear it’s working so well. Hope you recover quickly.
    I’m looking forward to the work you’ll do in future.

  12. Nick, glad to hear you are on a recovery course. Now aren’t you glad you spent all that extra time making TopStyle a solid application? Best of luck on your recovery.

  13. I was searching online for information about pinched nerves and this site came up. I hope your doing ok. I’ve been having pain in my shoulder for about a week now. I think it might be a pinched nerve. I’d like to talk to you if you get a chance. Madetoheal9@yahoo.com Thanks.

  14. Welcome back, Nick. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery. Take all the time you need to get back better than ever. Cheers.

  15. Great to hear you came through OK. I know how scarey it can be facing surgery. Take it easy though, I love your software but there is stuff just far more important. All the best….

  16. Nick .. I didn’t know you’d decided to opt for such an invasive treatement… OUCH! Glad it all went well. Wish you the greatest success with both recovery and complete relief. I know trauma of chronic pain and it’s extremely debilitating. Spending ‘umpteen hours’ a day at a keyboard WILL have it’s ‘due’.
    Like others have said, don’t rush the rehab. “Mend well now or pay hell later.” And like many of ‘old duffers’ have learned, pace yourself or you’ll find yourself sidelined from any number of maladies – none of which are desirable.

  17. Nick, great to know the surgery went well. Hope you take it easy till you recover completely. Best regards.

  18. Glad to hear you are feeling better, Nick. The work you have done literally changed my life. I began coding with the first version of Homesite, which allowed me to finally make sense of HTML. Thanks for your work and I hope you’re back at it soon.

  19. Man, nobody tells me anything! I’m really glad to hear you’re back.
    Do *not* skip the pain meds. Morphine: ask for it by name.

  20. Hey Nick! Glad to hear you had immediate relief..Had my surgery 8/29/03 c5-6-7. I had temporary relief. Started getting the same pain back about 2 monthes ago. Keeps getting worse for me. Neurosurgeon diagnosed me with RSD (Sympathetic Reflex Dystrophy) Now I saw a pain management DR wed who told me it is only a pinched nerve. Now going for a 3rd opinion. UGH!! Feeling bad that i went through that surgery and still have pain! Would like to hear how you progress…hope you have better luck than me!
    Ellen adsforyou@att.net

  21. Nick, just read about your surgery and wish you all the best for your recovery from Vienna, Austria.
    As Several persons said: there are things in life far more important than work!
    Get well soon,

  22. Greetings from Mexico City!
    I’m glad to hear that the operation was a success. I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  23. Hey Nick, we all knew you would pull through in the end. Nonetheless, you never know for sure so I am very pleased that it all turned out alright. Don’t worry about working on the computer for now, the most important thing is to recover by relaxing and having fun doing nothing.

  24. Glad to have you back. I’ve been there myself (had bulging disk sliced in my back in December) and it was so relieving to have that pressure off.
    Just make sure you do EVERY bit of exercise you’re supposed to on it, otherwise scar tissue can build up and push on the nerve.

  25. hmm, i see a good use for those speech programs at last :) they would probably be useful for cutting down on RSI, too.
    very glad your surgery went well! my dad had some slipped/pinched discs long ago and i still remember the agony he was in – it’s definitely no joke. do rest yourself and don’t come back to the keyboard until your body has had a chance to heal!
    hey, the silver lining about being a one-man company is that your personal touch gets you loyal users who care about you as a person, not just as a software factory! (as is clearly evident from all the good wishes you’ve been getting on this blog and on the newsgroup)
    so stop worrying about not being able to answer newsgroup questions!! i’d trade all the lousy offshore call-centers, incompetent reps and hour-long hold-times in the world for the personal responses i can get from so-called “one man shows” like you.
    hang in there and get well soon! :)

  26. Hi Nick
    Happy to hear that your surgery was a success.
    Hope you heal quickly and get back to a ‘normal’ life!
    Take good care of yourself.

  27. Congratulations! I suffer from cyatica pain and it cripples me every three weeks or so and keeps me completely out of the game for a couple of days. The relief that you speak of must be incredibly welcome!
    Hope you recover quickly and completely.

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