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Nick's Office Just thought I’d show off a picture of my office setup to anyone who’s curious.

I work from home in a room set off by itself, which isolates the rest of the house from the ungodly noise eminating from my Logitech Z-680 speakers (now playing: Zappa’s “Roxy and Elsewhere,” alternating with Outkast’s latest).

I spent years working on a cramped desk before I found the one shown here, which I hope to keep for the rest of my life (since that’s how long I’ll be paying for it). Buried under the desk is a system from VoodooPC, which I recommend highly. My favorite part of the setup? The dual 21″ LCD monitors :)

Oh, and the two little orange-red desks at the right belong to my son and my daughter. When I’m not travelling, they claim ownership of my laptops. My son (age four) is a whiz at Sonic the Hedgehog, while my daughter (age three) loves her Dora the Explorer games. And they both get a big kick out of Scholastic’s “I-Spy” video games.

12 thoughts on “My Office

  1. That’s one of the nicest home office I have seen! [Brad Wilson also has nice home office!]
    Hopefully soon I will move to suburb from Downtwon and get my own bedroom with setup similar to yours!

  2. Nick, great home office setup! I like the desk… I’ve been searching for a great desk for sometime now. The dual 21″ display setup is my favorite part too. :)

  3. Thanks a lot, Nick, I just blew a half hour playing the games at I Spy. I’ve always enjoyed that type of game. Now stop mentioning such fun sites!

  4. Nick,
    Side comment, the text doesn’t wrap around your picture in Opera 7.23.

  5. Jeez, that’s quite a deluxe setup you’ve got there. Hopefully some day I can be as successful as you and afford such a programmer’s penthouse suite paradise.

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