Banana phone

I hate it when a song gets stuck in my head without my permission. I have a long history of having my work interrupted by some catchy tune that wants to roll around my brain for a few hours before moving on to the next victim. So, I never should’ve listened to this little ditty.

My kids got a kick out of it, of course, but now I’m stuck here with “banana phone” in my head, like a loose tooth I’m playing with instead of just yanking out.

ME: Okay, brain, I need to concentrate on improving FeedDemon’s Atom support, so let’s get to work.
BRAIN: Ring, ring, ring, ring, banana phone!

ME: Uhmmm, yeah…nice tune. So, how about getting to work now?
BRAIN: Ring, ring, ring…

ME: Okay, enough already – I’ve got a product release coming up, and I need your help!

So, my day is shot now, but I’m hoping by passing it to you that I can wake up with a clear head tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Banana phone

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