FeedDemon 1.10 RC4

FeedDemon 1.10 RC4 is now available to registered users.

  • Added: Generic “Date” column to news item list, which contains pubDate if it exists, received date otherwise. This new column isthe only date column shown by default – both the “received” and “published” columns are hidden. This also affects the default sorting and grouping (both are now set to the generic date), which may change how you’re used to seeing news items sorted.
  • Changed: The default newspaper filter is now “Unread News” instead of “Today’s News”
  • Changed: The default value for automatically marking items as read has changed from five seconds to three seconds
  • Changed: The cleanup wizard now remembers your selections
  • Changed: Double-clicking a news item navigates the news item’s link if the item newspaper is showing, otherwise it re-displays the news item newspaper (change in RC3’s behavior)
  • Fixed: FeedDemon now correctly handles xml:base in Atom entries and passes all the link tests at http://diveintomark.org/tmp/tests/wellformed/base/links-in-content.xml and http://diveintomark.org/tmp/tests/wellformed/base/links.xml
  • Fixed: “Previous unread channel” shortcut skips topmost channel

When you’re ready to download RC4, stop by the FeedDemon beta site.

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