Japanese FeedDemon bug fixed

Among the bugs on my “must fix” list before releasing FeedDemon 1.10 is the one described here, in which FeedDemon shows garbage in the status bar when running on the Japanese version of Windows.

Well, I’m happy to report that after much hair-pulling, I’ve finally found the cause of this UI bug and fixed it [screenshot].

This was the last high priority bug on my list, so if all goes well FeedDemon 1.10 will be released on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Japanese FeedDemon bug fixed

  1. You did it, Nick. Thank you for your supporting Japanese version of Windows. I really love your products.

  2. Nice Job, Nick!
    Can I try that one before release? If it also fixed in option dialog box’s Japanese string corrupted issue, I wanna update Japanese lang file.
    — Hiroshi

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