FeedDemon 1.10 RC5

Okay, I lied about RC4 being the last FeedDemon 1.10 pre-release :) Out of necessity, I’m making one last pre-release available. RC5 contains a number of fixes related to how Japanese characters are displayed, and it also includes a new “Web Search” feature along with support for IE’s form auto-completion.

If you encounter a bug in RC5, let me know by posting in the FeedDemon Support Forum. Please include 1.10RC5 in the subject line of any message you post about this pre-release.

Note: Translators, I apologize for yet another change, but there are two new strings in this release. If you’d prefer not to send me new FDLANGs, please feel free to simply email me the translations for the strings shown below.

<const name="S_StatusPopupKilled" value="Popups were blocked on this page. Press &quot;Ctrl&quot; when clicking to allow popups."/>
<const name="S_SearchWeb" value="Search Web"/>

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