FeedDemon supports ecto

Both ecto 1.0 RC4 and FeedDemon 1.10 RC5a were released yesterday, which is good timing since the developers of ecto and I have been working to enable ecto as “Blog This” tool in FeedDemon (thanks, Alex!). This adds to the list of desktop blog publishing tools which FeedDemon already auto-detects:

If you’d prefer to post directly to your blog from FeedDemon, instructions are available for several blogging packages:

BTW, if you’re not sure how to blog from FeedDemon, all you need to do is right-click a news item in FeedDemon’s news item list and select “Blog this News Item.”

5 thoughts on “FeedDemon supports ecto

  1. Quick Entry: FeedDemon

    If you use FeedDemon, the RSS Newsreader you can now add items right to your blog with a “blog this” type of feature.
    Here are the instructions on using FeedDemon with WordPress. I’ll be trying this soon.

  2. This isn’t a support question, but a feature request: When I’m reading blogs online I’ll often follow a link to a new url in the browser panel, and it’s that url — a news article someplace, another blogger’s post, whatever — that I want to blog. But there’s no easy way to blog directly from the browser panel as there is in the news item list. With MT, there is a slightly kludgey work-around, using a “Post to MT Weblog” link that’s set up in my favorites. If I want to put that item into a FeedDemon news bin, though, I’m out of luck.
    Any chance of adding a right-click menu similar to the one in the news item reader to the browser panel?
    Thanks. Otherwise, it’s a great piece of software.

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