PC World awards FeedDemon 4½ stars

PC World just awarded FeedDemon 4½ out of 5 stars in their roundup of RSS readers. As expected, FeedDemon’s speed and its flexible newspapers were the highlighted features.

The two strikes against FeedDemon were that it “needs better documentation of advanced features” and that the “support forums required a Usenet news reader.” I agree with the first strike, and plan to address this once the 1.10 rush dies down. The second strike, of course, has already been addressed with the new web-based forums.

Update: Not sure how I missed this, but FeedDemon is PC World’s “Editor’s Pick” :)

8 thoughts on “PC World awards FeedDemon 4½ stars

  1. Much deserved props, Nick. Given the lead time for PC World and the general total lack of quality of *any* mainstream magazine article/review, mega props.
    Regarding the diss on the NNTP based support forum, what nonsense! IMO, no web based forum software can compare to a good NNTP based forum. Any decent news reader can make a support vehicle vastly superior for many reasons. But, any point I could make about that is moot.

  2. Congratulations Nick,
    Well deserved, but expected ;)
    With the FeedDemon Tips Blog you have already addressed the first strike at least to a certain extend, which shouldn’t be unmentioned.

  3. RE: “Considering that story was published today, you think they could have fact-checked that support forums bit?”
    Well, they published today, but the article was researched over a month ago. They sent me a “fact check” email in early May, and at that time I was still using NNTP.
    I actually should compliment PC World on this article, because unlike a number of similar roundups I’ve read this one is obviously written by someone who knows his stuff.

  4. Fantastic and well deserved, Nick.
    In fact, I just convinced my wife (last week in fact) to let me purchase FeedDemon and I’ve been happy with it.
    I love FeedDemon for its versatility, noteworthy features and streamlined interface.

  5. Congrets Nick! Really cool.
    What a bogus cons :) I think a con would be web based support forums, usenet works much easier and faster in my opinion. :)

  6. Yeah, but what you forgot to mention was that four-and-a-half stars meant that FeedDemon was the number one rated. Don’t be too modest Nick!

  7. Congratulations! I haven’t seen it listed here already, so I thought I’d add that FeedDemon was listed as the “Editor’s Pick” in the article.

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