Color Schemer Studio – Save 20%

Color Schemer iconTopStyle’s color picker is something I’m proud of – it packs a ton of functionality into a small, easy-to-use dialog, and it’s a tool many TopStyle customers have told me they really appreciate. Despite this, though, I realize that TopStyle’s color picker may not have everything you need – especially if you’re a graphic artist.

So, if you’re looking for a really powerful tool for selecting color schemes for your site, check out Color Schemer Studio from Color Schemer. I’ve been playing with the latest version of Color Schemer, and I’m really impressed with how it helps match colors and find harmonies, and also with how it teaches color theory to neophytes such as myself.

I recently shared email with Aaron Epstein, the developer of Color Schemer, and he agreed that our products compliment each other nicely. As a result, Aaron is now offering a 20% discount on Color Schemer Studio to anyone who reads this blog. [ More Info ]

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