Shareware Business Blunders

NetCaptor‘s Adam Stiles just announced his new eBook, Shareware Business Blunders…and How to Avoid Them. Adam contacted 38 shareware authors – including myself – and asked them to talk about their mistakes, then compiled their answers into a 124-page PDF eBook.

If you’re a shareware author or you’re interested in becoming one, this book is certainly worth the $47 Adam is asking for it.

8 thoughts on “Shareware Business Blunders

  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Quite the “whos who” of the shareware scene (including yourself!) I own serveral of the 38 authors apps myself. Should be very insightful to those of us that make a living in the shareware field.

  2. Content seems OK and with Nick Bradbury recommending it, it can’t be bad.
    On the other hand I didn’t like the page or how he’s trying to sell it a bit. It’s like pages that sell useless reports: it’s all one page, there’s a huge discount, on top of that you get free bonuses that cost 3 times the book, you have the 90 days money back – no questions asked thing… Probably you know what I mean, sounds too good to be true. I had come across a few of ‘pages’ like that and normally wouldn’t even bother with them…
    Anyway, it’s also not cheap comparing it to some books on – and you won’t get a hardcopy. No sample chapter. 124 pages don’t mean much to me; probably the same info can be fit into 80 to 250 pages without much hassle. I wonder if the experts contributed are getting any money from the sales?
    I’ll have to think a lot more before a purchase, just because of his marketing style…
    Best regards,

  3. That’s funny Burak, because I was thinking the same thing. I was very interested in purchasing until I hit the site/page and was turned off by the infomercial style marketing. If he had just said the 3-4 sentences Nick wrote up in his blog and given a sample page of content, I think I might have purchased.
    Still, I’d love to know what people like Nick had to say. Has anyone read it yet?

  4. Thanks for the feedback Aaron and Burak.
    I’m going to be revamping my marketing for the ebook… I chose the informercial style because that is how I’ve seen a lot of ebooks sold, but I’ve gotten feedback similar to yours from several people I trust. So, back to the drawing board :-)
    Adam Stiles
    Stilesoft Inc.

  5. Glad your changing the site, when i read it it looked to much like those “hello i’m stephen ducharme and i’m gonna make ya rich” sites, kinda put me off to be honest.

  6. OK – the redesign is done. I’ll definitely continue to tweak it, but the old “huckster” version is gone.

  7. I just looked at the new page, and it looks much better. I see that you used Nick Bradbury’s story as an example. Although I’m not likely to become a shareware author, I might be interested in the book just to hear his story and possibly others from authors that I knew. I remember both the solo Nick Bradbury days and the Allaire days back when I was in pharmacy school and learning to develop web pages. HomeSite is still a great program, but it isn’t getting the development from Macromedia that it deserves.

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