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  1. Another interesting quote from the article: “Microsoft wiped out Netscape in the Browser Wars of the late 1990s not only because *the company’s management pushed the bounds of business ethics*, but also because its engineers built a better browser.” (emphasis mine)

  2. This is pretty darn funny. I like FireFox, but I mainly use NetCaptor still because I haven’t been able to figure out how to get FireFox to open the exact tabs from my last session. Maybe the Mozilla engine will become an option in the future for NetCaptor.

  3. IE users – you are at great risk!

    “Users are being told to avoid using Internet Explorer until Microsoft patches a serious security hole,” the BBC warned. (Disclosure: Microsoft owns Slate.)

  4. Perceptions About Dumping Internet Explorer

    In light of recent virus problems, even Microsoft-owned Slate.com has suggested that you dump Internet Explorer in favor of the Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox browser. Of course, the Slate folks couldn’t let this momentous occasion pass without a slam…

  5. I use IE alot, although i still use Moz Opera & just recently added Firefox to the mix. Usually im a highly skilled technician and internet user & yet I still had my linux mate try and turn me over to linux. He gave up.
    Although I wouldnt mind if MS de-intergrated IE from Windows. But until IE7 is released which is said to compete and exceed what Moz & Opera have combined, Im not sure what will happen.
    I think MS are trying to produce a fact that IE6 sux. Go here! Now we have released IE7 its better you see?!

  6. Here is a short summary for the long article: IE beats Firefox top to bottom, left to right, accept for the security part, and who cares really, since “Internet Explorer is used by 95 percent of the world. Firefox’s fan base adds up to 2 or 3 percent at most.” Of course, MS ignore the fact that those who switch to Firefox are mainly developers. And MS is losing developers base too.

  7. I’m not going to take the bait and reply about Firefox vs. IE, but keep in mind that the constant security problems and recommendations to stop using IE are getting people to switch (including me, as I now use Firefox).

  8. Ah quite true Nick.
    The IE vs Netscape debate is old and now dead…
    Now comes the era of the IE vs Moz/Firefox debate era!! :D

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