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I firmly believe that the Internet enables very small companies such as my own to compete without requiring enormous amounts of PR and advertising, but being a one-man show sometimes makes it difficult to be taken seriously by the press. So it was very gratifying to wake up this morning and discover FeedDemon mentioned in both The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) and PR Week. This quote from the WSJ did more for me than the two cups of coffee I drank before finding the article:

“Newsreaders come in several varieties. One is a stand-alone software program you install on your PC. In that category, FeedDemon ($29.95 from Bradbury Software) is especially powerful, with extensive options for customizing the way news feeds appear on your screen.”

Update: Here’s further proof that one-man shows can still get press attention: Adam Stiles’ excellent NetCaptor was reviewed in this morning’s USA Today. Congrats, Adam!

Update 2: Here’s a link to the WSJ article for those without a subscription.

9 thoughts on “FeedDemon in the news

  1. This is slightly off the subject, but since the article mentions it…
    Is it just me or shouldn’t BlogLines offer some screenshots of the service. I don’t need all the fluff about how “easy” they are going to make it for me, I want to know what it will look like.
    That’s why I have never signed up for their service. Not one screenshot on the whole site, at least not that I could find.

  2. nice one.
    And the business basically living off the internet itself, its even more impressive to find it in the everyday morning paper!!

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