Save $50 on Gnomedex 2004

Last month I blogged that I’ll be speaking at Gnomedex 2004, and I mentioned how much I enjoyed the previous Gnomedex. Well, Chris Pirillo just emailed me a $50 discount coupon for the conference, and I have his permission to share this coupon with readers of my blog.

So, if you’re thinking of attending, you have an extra incentive to sign up now. Just enter the coupon code below on the Gnomedex pre-registration form to save $50:


This coupon expires in a couple of weeks, so be sure to use it soon.

2 thoughts on “Save $50 on Gnomedex 2004

  1. Excellent! I was debating about whether or not to go, and had finally decided to, so this makes it even better!
    Still sorry I missed WebVisions – Nick Finck and I had an airport conversation after SXSW that is still haunting me (in a good way).

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