ATTN: Curtis, check your spam filter!

Sorry to post this here, but this is a last resort. I have a customer named Curtis who purchased FeedDemon via PayPal, and he keeps emailing me asking for his registration information. Unfortunately, I’ve already emailed his registration information – several times.

Curtis, if you’re reading this, most likely you’ve got a spam filter that’s wrongly blocking email from the domain. Please correct this problem, then contact me again so I can make sure you get your registration information. And let me know your phone number in case my next email to you bounces!

8 thoughts on “ATTN: Curtis, check your spam filter!

  1. This is a common problem here, we send registration information in email to our clients. Funnily enough, we make a spam filter software, so we get the bounces from our own software.
    It is very amusing when someone decides to block our country (we are a European company) and specifies no phone or fax number.
    Surprisingly, the number of complaints about the missing registration info compared to the number of bounced registration emails is very low, although the users cannot upgrade without the registration ID.

  2. Nick,
    If you would like to write up an email, I can forward it on using the domain. I’ve never had an issue with things bouncing.

  3. I’ve found that a [bulletin] board helps very much in these cases, to keep the communication lines open.
    I use 4 emails from different domains of ours to make sure the registration info reaches the user.
    I love the support systems that work on web and as email simultaneously.
    Best regards,

  4. Thanks for the offer, Jon. I still haven’t heard from this customer, so I’ve just sent his registration information by snail mail. Hope that doesn’t bounce :)

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