Can RFC3229 ease RSS’s bandwidth consumption?

Bob Wyman of PubSub has been talking about using RFC3229 to reduce RSS bandwidth requirements, and as Sam Ruby points out, supporting this in a client-side RSS aggregator is incredibly simple. After looking over the spec and Wyman’s discussion of it, it certainly seems like this could ease RSS bandwidth consumption. So, expect to see this implemented in the next build of FeedDemon.

5 thoughts on “Can RFC3229 ease RSS’s bandwidth consumption?

  1. Sam, your server logs are showing my own private build of FeedDemon, which has been hitting your RFC3229-enabled feed quite frequently today so I could test it :) I plan to have a public beta of the next FeedDemon release on Sept 28, and this beta will include the “A-IM: feed” support.

  2. Today I got 7 requests from your ip address over a span of 32 minutes… all of which returned a status code of 200. No 304’s. No 226’s. All 200’s.

  3. Sam, did all seven of these requests also send an “A-IM: feed” header? I was testing the release version of FeedDemon earlier today, which doesn’t use this header.

  4. Whoops, scratch that, Sam. I know what happened now. While testing the A-IM:feed support, I unsubscribed from your feed several times to clear it from FD’s cache. Each time I re-subscribed, FeedDemon no longer had the last modified timestamp, so If-Modified-Since wasn’t used. This would explain why you returned HTTP 200 rather than 226.

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