Save on ClipMate

ClipMate Every few weeks I link to another shareware product here, and I only recommend software I’ve actually used. This time, I’m recommending ClipMate – and it’s one I should’ve mentioned before, because it’s so useful.

ClipMate turns the limited one-item-at-a-time Windows clipboard into a powerful tool for keyboard freaks like myself who constantly type the same thing over and over again. It’s also great while writing code, since I can copy dozens of snippets to the clipboard and retain them for later re-use. Read more about ClipMate, or skip all that and download it now. When you’re ready to purchase ClipMate, treat yourself to a special $5.00 discount by using the coupon code below before October 31:


BTW, the last time I saw ClipMate developer Chris Thornton was at this year’s Shareware Industry Conference, and he was wearing a sumo suit. Just thought I’d mention that :)

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