American Idiot

Wow. I never expected Green Day would put out an album as great as this. I’ve been listening to it practically non-stop for three days.

9 thoughts on “American Idiot

  1. Dear Nick! When posting this article from FeedDemon to WordPress, you afterwards have to strip the post of a lot of p-tags and break-tags – I haven’t seen this from other blogs, maybe you should do something about it?
    David from Denmark

  2. If you haven’t heard it yet, you might like Brand New’s freshman effort, Your Favorite Weapon. Their second one (Deja Entendu) is slower and not as good, imho.

  3. Right there with you Nick. American Idiot is great. I’ve been a Green Day fan since way, way back (read before they broke) and I’d say this is probably their best effort.
    I love the diversity on the album, they really show their range and talent.
    I’ll also second the recommendation of Brand New. Not anything like Green Day, but a great band.

  4. Bob, Keith: based on your recommendations, I just ordered “Your Favorite Weapon.” If it turns out to be tripe, I’m sending each of you a Menudo CD.

  5. In the Jukebox: Green Day

    Nick Bradbury likes them, so I put Green Day in the jukebox. For your ears only: Extraordinary Girl. As usual, you have 4 days to listen.

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