Read your GMail inbox in FeedDemon

As reported all over the place, Google recently added an Atom feed to each GMail account. To subscribe to your inbox Atom feed in FeedDemon, click the “New Channel” button and use this URL:

After subscribing, you’ll be prompted for your GMail user name and password. The feed is fairly bare-bones at the moment, but it’s still a nice way to be alerted of incoming GMail.

6 thoughts on “Read your GMail inbox in FeedDemon

  1. FeedDemon can’t subscribe to the feed when there are no unread items. Apart from that, it’s working great!
    Cheers Nick.

  2. GMail and FeedDemon, Part II

    I recently described how to subscribe to your GMail inbox in FeedDemon, and apparently this is a popular feature. However, if you have more than one GMail account, you may find it tricky to subscribe to both since only a

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