Unplugged until October 16

Ten years ago, my wife and I were married in a small ceremony by the beach in St. Thomas. To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we’re going back to St. Thomas for a week, this time with our kids in tow.

In order to make this a real vacation, I’m unplugging completely and leaving the laptop at home. I’m nervous about doing this since it means customers who need support won’t hear from me for several days, but this will be only the second time I’ve had a computer-free week in the past ten years. I could use the break :)

To prevent comment spam from taking over while I’m gone, I’ll be disabling comments for all posts before I leave. If you have a comment on something I’ve written (such as this, for example), I hope you’ll post it in your own blog and send a trackback ping to my post.

See you in a week!