My son is reading

My five-year-old son Isaac has been learning to read, and it’s been amazing watching him sound out words, then gradually recognize words based on their appearance alone.

This morning I went to wake him for school, and he was sitting in his closet reading a book to himself.  That was the first time I’ve seen him read for fun.  Isaac is a very bright kid, and I know reading will change his life.  Maybe someday he’ll read this post, but by that time, he’ll probably have his own blog :)

8 thoughts on “My son is reading

  1. So… start now. You type, let him tell you about his day or whatever. Use his languge – do not translate into adult language. As a teenager he may find it embarresing to look back at it but you and your wife will find it a treasure.

  2. I can relate to this…aren’t kids just wonderful.
    I have a 4 year old who likes books but it’s my 1 year old that’s obssessed. All day long she’s got a book in her hand. And if you’re sitting idle look out…she wants somebody to read to her.
    Thank you for sharing, Nick!

  3. Someone mention programming and it’s only a matter of time until younger children will be taking a programming class while in school.

  4. I think that Blogging will be the new “wwwboard”. It seems like you need to know a little programming just to get these blogs working correctly but it’s worth it!

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