BloggerCon donation

Yesterday I donated $1000 to BloggerCon III.  That’s a pretty big chunk of cash for a one-person company such as my own, but given the combined brain-power of the people attending BloggerCon, I’m willing to bet I’ll earn an extra $1000 over the next year from ideas and knowledge gained at the conference.

Plus, I like the concept of BloggerCon, in that it asks those who benefit most from the conference to give more.  Given that I make money from RSS and blogging, it’s only fair that I chip in.

5 thoughts on “BloggerCon donation

  1. Does that mean you’ll get to attend BloggerCon after all? ;)
    I’m loving FeedDemon… I’ll be purchasing it shortly!

  2. Great!
    And with that your a primary sponsor! So you bascially get free advertising out of it aswell.
    And shows that FeedDemon is a powerful and popular program if your willing to donate that much from a solo-person company.
    Good Going Hope BloggerCon goes good for ya!

  3. Nick: I donated $200 out of my own pocket because I believe the work that Dave and co are doing is very important. There is more work to do and I believe the adoption floodgates will open…great opportunity for software developers and entrepreneurs to add great value.
    “This revolution will be syndicted” – John

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