Broccoli girl

broccoli girlMost kids won’t eat their veggies to save their lives, but my little girl – bless her heart – is different. As the picture to the left illustrates, she loves brocoli so much that she gets a strange, carnivorous look in her eyes when she eats it.

PS: That’s her second helping.

15 thoughts on “Broccoli girl

  1. My kids (5 and 9) are the same way about Brocolli. When we have their friends over for dinner they look at them like they are freaks for eating brocolli. I am not sure what this all means in the end.

  2. You are failing as a parent if you child likes brocoli heh
    Only joking :) My daughter likes everything, except fizzy drinks, something I am *very* happy about!
    It makes life much easier when we go out as a family as she is happy eating whatevevr we order for her. She loves pasta like I love FeedDemon though ;)

  3. She is a cutie for sure! I have two girls myself and they are the same. My wife and I are big veggie eaters, so it was inherited, or also put:
    public class MyKid : MyWife, IMyHumor

  4. Yeah, I may be biased, but I think she’s adorable, too :)
    Morgan, your daughter sounds a lot like mine. She LOVES pasta – spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna, you name it.

  5. Looks like she’s eating it raw. If she likes raw broccoli, She’d probably like cabbage hearts as well. Some definite flavor similarities (they are both in the cruciferous family).

  6. What’s going on with broccoli these days? My two kids love it too! I think it must be something from outer space and they are trying to pollute our children :-)
    Yes, I hate broccoli :-)

  7. Its ok, I dont mind it.
    And yes I agree, possibly you might be doing something wrong to make your daughter love .
    My ex’s kids, wont eat anything that even touches broccoli.

  8. My two year old, Abby, loves raw tomatoes. I personally don’t like them, so having her like them is a little embarassing. I hate being pickier than my daughter :)
    If she keeps a diet of raw veggies she should be running and seeing snakes for many years to come!

  9. My sister hates anything green with about three passions. So it’s a complete mystery why one of her kids loves broccoli more than most other foods. Crazy!

  10. It might be the light, but it looks like your daughters hair is the same color that my daughters was at that age. It looked blonde, but when we took pictures, it looked reddish.

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