ANN: TopStyle Pro 3.11 Upgrade Available

I announced this in the TopStyle Tips Blog last week, but now it’s official: the final release of TopStyle Pro 3.11 is available as a free upgrade to those who purchased version 3.0 or 3.10. To request your free upgrade, please use the TopStyle Registered Version Download form. And while you’re downloading, you’ll want to read the release notes to find out what’s new.

Just install version 3.11 directly on top of version 3.0 or 3.10 (or the 3.11 beta), and all of your settings – except for the current layout – will be retained.

As always, I owe a lot of thanks to the many customers who helped by providing bug reports and other feedback during the beta period. I hope you’ll find the new version to be worth the time you spent helping out with the beta.

PS: The trial version of TopStyle Pro is still version 3.10 (as is TopStyle Lite). Once the initial flurry of support related to the new release has died down, I plan to update both TopStyle Lite and the trial version of TopStyle Pro. I should add, too, that if you want to purchase version 3.11, it’s already available through my order page.

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