11 thoughts on “MicroISV Interview

  1. I read the article late last night and downloaded FeedDemon to try it out. How in the world did you get your name & url in the InnoSetup line at the bottom of the installer dialogs? I’ve hunted around the docs and see no setting for putting something on the line.

  2. great interview. it’s always interesting to learn more about online friends, and their histories…

  3. Great interview, Nick. Good idea to let any potential TopStyle or FeedDemon buyout companies know that if they’re interested, they’d better be prepared to bring enough to the table to buy houses for your GREAT-grandchildren ;)

  4. “…take the time to really study your competition before you write any code. See what problems they’re most focused on, and figure out where they’re failing.”
    Oh, if more developers would do this. The world doesn’t need anymore zip utilites, text editors, or image viewers, but the world could definitely use better apps in each category. I keep testing FeedDemon against every new kid on the block and nothing matches its well thought design.
    PS: I’m still lobbying Nick to build the world’s greatest text editor, since TopStyle Pro is halfway there. …Hint, hint!

  5. “Under-pricing HomeSite when it was acquired. I didn’t understand its real value to another company. But I’m not complaining at all, since HomeSite basically paid for my house. ”
    Must off been a nice pay off tho to pay for a house….
    Nice / honest interview

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