FeedDemon meets The Beastles

Boing Boing points to the The Beastles, a mash-up of The Beastie Boys and The Beatles (yes, it actually works – esp. “Tripper Trouble” and “Word to the Mic”).

Don’t want to click every MP3 link then manually sync the downloaded files with your iPod? Then let FeedDemon’s FeedStation do the work for you. Just download the FSQUEUE file linked below, then start FeedStation and select File > Open Queue:


FeedStation will download each MP3 and sync them all with your iPod or other media device.

Note: Creating and sharing podcast queues with other FeedDemon users needs to be simpler, and I’ll address this in a future build.

7 thoughts on “FeedDemon meets The Beastles

  1. You don’t even need to download the fsqueue file. Just copy the link location and paste it directly into the FeedStation Open Queue dialog!

  2. Glad to be a sponsor, Sudhir. The winners will receive the latest version of FeedDemon (most likely 1.5 by the time the awards are announced), so I’ll ask the site to remove the version number from the award listing so there’s no confusion.

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