Disaster Relief, PII

On Monday I announced that 100% of my revenue from FeedDemon and TopStyle this week will go to disaster relief, but I’m far from the only software developer making a contribution. Here’s a list of other developers who are donating from their earnings:

If I missed anyone, let me know by posting a comment or trackback and I’ll update this list.

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  1. More shareware developers join disaster relief initiave

    Yesterday, I and Dmitry were talking about the Disaster Relief Initiative started by Nick Bradbury.
    Nick has just published an update list with more shareware developers th

  2. Donate Now – tsunami relief efforts

    The total number of dead from the Southeast Asian tsunami is now believed to be more than 80,000, and rising. In some places, one in every four citizens have lost their lives. Many of the areas hit were extremely poor to begin with, and some 1/3 of the…

  3. No doubt it is nice to give its money this way. But it is unfortunately useless. People have been given their money for decades now and you see as many hungry people as before, as many poor countries, etc.
    This disaster raises the following question: how long are we going to accept that the world is divided into 2: the rich and the poor?
    For instance, the rich have tsunami prevention systems and the poor don’t. The poor are the first stricken by natural or chemical disasters.
    Many people now understand that slavery was terrible. But these same people do not see that the division between poor (Southern) coutries and rich (Northern) countries is even worst and unfair. Actually, they just accept that!
    The priority of globalization should be to give poor countries the means to protect themselves against natural disasters, illnesses, hunger, etc. Instead of that, globlization is just a way to give shareholders more money and it is nothing more (we have to stop being hypocrites about globalization).
    The policy that puts money in the first position of priorities is bad. Policy should put men and women in the first place.

  4. Tsunami prevention systems can’t do anything with disasters like this. It doesn’t matter if a rich country has an expensive prevention system … human race can’t do anything against waves of 30 meters.
    For example, an 9.0 earthquake in the middle of Tokio will kill thousands of lives (and Tokio has one of the best earthquakes prevention systems of the world). Another one: a series of big hurricanes in the middle west/east of USA will kill thousands of lives too … there’s nothing that we can do against the wraith of Mother Nature.

  5. Ted, this is not the right forum. I had a great Xmas day and found out the next day, and up till now over 125,000 people are no longer with us. Get behind Nick and anyone else because… Shit they need our help – all of our help!

  6. Nick, about companies supporting the disaster releif: I got one email from CoffeCup Software, who has a great plan of their own… Customers who donate money through Oxfam America, get free software! Depending on how much you donate, they’ll give you more and more software value, uptil ALL of their software if you donate $500.

  7. Donate your Adsense Revenue to Tsunami Relief

    “The United Nations has put the latest death toll in Asia’s tsunami at around
    150,000 and warned it could still soar as relief workers were confronted by huge
    devastated areas without roads, bridges and airstrips.”

  8. There our millions of people that need our help, not just in the tsunami victims! Start giving funds the tsunami victims and continue giving them to other charities

  9. Firend of mine was there. He is one of 10 or 15 Lithuanians who were in the tsunami region.
    Now everybody talking about donation. Yes, this is a good decision, espesally for software industry. I will talk to my boss about donation possibility from http://www.2-downloads.com
    In other hand, Lithuanian goverment making a donations, but at least couple of Lithuanian regions life level is close to tsunami damaged regions.

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