7 thoughts on “You know RSS is big when…

  1. My kids will be so happy.

    One of their favorite shows, The Family Guy, has an RSS feed. There is lots of other stuff worth visiting the site for though. (Link from Nick Bradbury)…

  2. yeah, this is surprising

    Nick says it all:
    You know RSS is big when……The Family Guy has an RSS feed. [Nick Bradbury]
    OK, yeah, that’s a good sign. And weird.

  3. You know RSS is big whem my son has an RSS feed and does not turn four months old until January 17 2005

  4. Testing my shiny new Ping Sender

    OK, time for a test. Time to test my shiny new Ping Sender. I wonder if Nick would mind my using his blog to test it out on? Here it goes: (testing, testing,) You know RSS is big when… … a total stranger tests his home-made Ping Sender on Ni…

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