I’m a little bit country?

On Saturday I attended Max It Out, a local charity event inspired by a 4-year old bacterial meningitis survivor whose parents are friends of mine. Bradbury Software was among the event’s sponsors, which led to an almost surreal experience.

The fundraiser featured performances by country music stars, and the logos of each sponsor were projected onto a screen during the entire concert. For me, it was, well, very unusual to see the “TopStyle” and “FeedDemon” logos appear behind Keith Urban, Faith Hill and Wynonna as they played.

For the record, I’ve never been a huge country music fan, but I’m so glad that I attended the event and offered a small contribution through my sponsorship. Well over a quarter of a million dollars was raised for meningitis research, and nobody left that night without being touched by the dedication of parents whose children are affected by the disease.

6 thoughts on “I’m a little bit country?

  1. Nick,
    I’m glad that you helped sponsor that event, like so many. I appreciate your generosity even if I didn’t get to buy more copies of TopStyle during the Tsunami relief drive.
    At 13 months I had spinal meningitis and have always been concerned that others not have to go through that. Instead of a husband, dad and developer I could have been dead or handicapped. Even if it was country, you Rock.

  2. You do a lot of good Nick and I for one are damn proud to say I own FeedDemon as I know that the money not only feeds your family but also helps so many people from victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami to children who suffer from a horrible illness.
    If you are ever in London let me know you deserve a drink!

  3. I second Morgan’s suggestion – if you’re ever in London a happy FeedDemon owner would love to buy you a beer or two.

  4. Nick, I can’t find a contact email or form, so I’m posting it here. Feel free to delete it later:
    There’s a bug in firefox/your site that causes selection issues.
    Fortunatelly, the bug is caused by a workaround for another bug in IE, so you can just change this on your stylesheet:
    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p { position: relative;}
    To use any of the many ie-only hacks, such as conditional comments or the * html selector.

  5. Country music is okay when it’s for a good cause

    Nick Bradbury helped sponsor MaxItOut, a charity which supports menengitis education and research. As a sponsor, his software logos were shown on stage during performances by country music artists such as Keith Urban, Wynonna and Faith Hill.
    Good f…

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