Update: Conflict between TopStyle and Microsoft Fingerprint Reader

Earlier this month I posted about a conflict between Microsoft’s Fingerprint reader and TopStyle which caused a harmless (but annoying) error message to appear every time TopStyle was closed.

Since my initial post, I’ve installed a Fingerprint Reader (cool toy, btw) and have been able to reproduce the problem. More importantly, I’ve located the line of code where the error occurs. Although I’m stumped as to why the Fingerprint Reader software is causing the problem, I do have a fix in place that appears to be working. I plan to keep running TopStyle with this fix for a few weeks to make sure it’s reliable, and if all goes well I’ll make it available to everyone who is experiencing the problem.

4 thoughts on “Update: Conflict between TopStyle and Microsoft Fingerprint Reader

  1. TopStyle 3.12 angekündigt

    Nick Bradbury hat in seinem Blog angekündigt, dass es nun doch noch eine weitere Version von TopStyle geben wird. Aufgrund einiger Bugs (bspw. dem Konflikt zwischen TopStyle und Microsoft Fingerprint Reader und einiger Probleme mit Mozilla) hat sich N…

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